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О докладе Владимира Олеговича Лобовикова


Главным научным сотрудником Института философии и права УрО РАН Владимиром Олеговичем Лобовиковым  9 сентября 2022 г. сделан доклад на английском языке  по теме «A new metatheoretic square and hexagon uniting empirical theories with a priori ones, and uniting theories based on the classical logic with ones based on a nonclassical logic» в рамках 7-го  Международного конгресса по логическому квадрату в Левене (Нидерланды).

The paper submits significant explicating and developing further the metatheoretic square and hexagon published originally in (Lobivikov, 2015; 2016) which square-and-hexagon is a new instantiation of the old idea substantially generalized and represented today as “geometrical logic” (Blanché, 1966; Béziau, 2012a; 2012b).

Let variable “t” stand for a theory having a recursively enumerable set of axioms. “Emp(t)” stands for the metatheoretic property “theory t as a whole is empirical one”. “Apr(t)” stands for the metatheoretic property “theory t is a system of a-priori knowledge exclusively. “Cla(t)” – “theory t is based on the classical logic”. “Con(t)” – “theory t is consistent”. “Com(t)” – “theory t is complete”. “Dec(t)” – “theory t is decidable”. Notions “Emp(t)” and “Apr(t)” are defined as follows. DF-1: Apr(t)  (Cla(t)  Con(t)  Com(t)  Dec(t)). DF-2: Emp(t)  (Cla(t)  Con(t)  Com(t)  Dec(t)). Corollary-1: Apr(t)  (Emp(t). Corollary-2: Emp(t)  Apr(t)).

The system of logical interrelations among the metatheoretic notions is modeled graphically by the following square and hexagon.


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